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Maximize the productivity of graphics and content publishers with a connector that lets you leverage digital assets stored in the Intelligent DAM directly within Adobe's creative suite.

With Adobe CC Connector, you'll be able to:

  • Speed up the work of editors and graphic designers, who can leverage THRON as a DAM archive to easily retrieve assets to be used in the production cycle of marketing materials.
  • Make sure THRON becomes the only "source of truth" for assets in your corporate library, avoiding duplications and misalignments.
  • Granting the protection of your content by ensuring that each user only has access to THRON content reserved for them.


Minimum requirements:

The solution requires the following Adobe applications, which can be purchased either as part of a license for the entire Creative Cloud, or as a single subscription:

  • Photoshop CC 2019
  • Illustrator CC 2019

How it works:

  1. THRON Authentication: Through the extension panel, within the creative tool, each user can authenticate to the Platform using their own THRON credentials.
  2. Folder Navigation: The user can navigate within its own THRON folder tree; selecting a folder allows the user to examine the list of content within it. The list will only show images and other items that can be loaded as assets in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  3. Filtering and searching: The tool allows the user to search and filter the assets to be used. The search can be performed on the content of the selected folder and eventually in its subfolders or in all the folders to which the user has access.
  4. Use of the asset in the editor: At the end of the search and filtering the user can select one or more of the available assets and load them into the Photoshop or Illustrator application with these modes:
    • by clicking on a special button associated with the content itself; clicking on the button will allow you to choose whether to open the content in a new window in the editor or as a new layer of an already open file
    • via drag and drop: if the content has been dragged to a file already opened in the editor, the content will be inserted as a new layer in the file; if the content has been dragged to a free area on the screen, the content will be opened as a new file.


Application provided by: THRON S.p.A.

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