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Digital Signage manages the playback of advertising and training towards your stores and offices. 

Digital Signage application provides content playback via THRON Playbox devices. Playbox devices will sync their schedule with THRON and silently download contents during nights (or the time window you prefer) allowing the devices to be ready for scheduled communication updates.

In THRON there is no duplication of information: the same content used on your website, mobile applications and collaboration can be used by digital signage too. Content update is centralized and you just have to update your schedule to make changes effective in your stores.

Digital Signage also supports Live event streaming.

THRON Digital Signage can be used to convey promotional messages or training and thanks to native support for interactive applications, if connected to a touchscreen, it allows you to manage integration to catalogues or services such as access to bank transparency forms, the possibility to print a fidelity card or to submit an order through e-commerce.

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THRON Digital Signage application requires a hardware device named "Playbox", which allows you to broadcast THRON contents to connected audio and video devices. For this reason, once you have chosen this application, you will be contacted by THRON team that will make sure to deliver you one of these devices and to eventually guide you in its configuration. 

Once this stage is complete you will be fully autonomous in the management of your schedules thanks to "THRON Play", an intuitive web-console where you can create content sequences to be used within templates, define the sequence in which different templates will be displayed during the day and plan your daily sequence with schedules. 

THRON Playbox will download information in advance and it will send contents to your schedule on the preset date. 

You can manage many concurrent channels: each template can have more videos, pictures or rss feeds. All visual information may be enriched by an audio channel in background, which in turn can be interrupted by commercials or programmed service messages.

NOTE: Only one Digital Signage application can be installed.

Application provided by: THRON S.p.A.


Website: www.thron.com




Current version: 1.0