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The Drupal connector allows publishers to select the multimedia files stored in the DAM directly from the CMS media library, relieving the website architecture from the management of multimedia file distribution and taking full advantage of all the features and potential of THRON's Elastic Media Delivery. Integration brings the following benefits:

  1. It minimizes integration costs with THRON: just configure the connector and the THRON contents will be immediately available in the CMS multimedia library.
  2. It allows you to remove the duplication of media files between THRON and the Drupal media library: THRON is the only source of media files.
  3. It improves page loading performance and peak management: the distribution of multimedia files is entirely managed by THRON Elastic Media Delivery and through the Universal Player.
  4. It automatically collects content intelligence data: tracks any interaction between users and media files and profiles audience interests

How it works:

Inside the WYSIWYG editor present in the Drupal content creation tool, there will be a special button that will show the content in THRON. In addition to searching, these contents can be filtered by:

  • Type
  • Tags

Once the content to be included in the page has been selected, the editor can decide the type of embed:

  • Via THRON Universal Player, and possibly the template to be used
  • via HTML tag (i.e. for background images)

and the logic of resizing:

  • Fixed embed
  • Responsive embed

The content thus inserted will be automatically enriched with all the information useful for their indexing by search engines; THRON's Elastic Media Delivery will dynamically adapt their quality according to the device in use and the available bandwidth, and all interactions between users and these contents will be automatically tracked.


Minimum requirements:

The Drupal connector is compatible with versions of Drupal 8.4.0 and later.

The THRON connector module is compatible with Drupal 9 and 10 (in the version 2.x).


The following dependencies must be installed for it to work properly (we recommend using the composer command):

First configuration:

At this point you can extract the zip archive "THRON module" within the following path: "web/modules/custom". You will find yourself with this configuration: "web/modules/custom/thron". All you have to do is enable the module in the "Extend" section of Drupal, which is located in the "/admin/modules" path of the site.

Configuring Credentials and Integration details
Go to the "/admin/config/services/thron" path in the Drupal settings for entering the credentials and configuring the integration details.

Fill the panel with the THRON credentials (client ID, app ID, app key) you have been provided and then click on the “Save configuration” button to start the integration process.
Once you have saved the credentials, you will be asked to provide a series of further customizations: the most important are:
• The intelligence classifications that will be used to restrict the search on tags to; the connector will search only on the tags on the enabled classifications (for instance, “Topic” and “Target”).
• You can enable Responsive Image Sets

Configuring text format
In the following configuration step you will enable the THRON content embedding tool by adding the relevant button in the CK Editor toolbar. You can choose the text format you want to enable this button on (Basic HTML, Full HTML, or any other text format defined in the Drupal site configuration); for example, if you want to add the THRON plugin to the "Full HTML" text format you will have to go to "/admin/config/content/formats/manage/full_html" in your Drupal site. The URL format for this configuration page is in the form "/admin/config/content/formats/manage/{text format}".

Drag the “THRON” button from the “Available buttons” to one suitable position in the “Active toolbar”.

Make sure that the "Display embedded entities" checkbox is flagged and then save the text format.

You will now be able to embed THRON content via the button in the CKEditor window in the desired text format.


Application provided by: THRON S.p.A.

Internet site: www.thron.com