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Boost Inbound Marketing with Content Intelligence.

Drive anonymous user conversion by offering a targeted experience to your end-users.

Thanks to HubSpot Connector, you will be able to customize your communication even before your customer provides their identity (e.g., email).

With HubSpot Connector you can:

  • Empower HubSpot user knowledge with specific interest data, greatly impacting inbound marketing potential.
  • Improve anonymous visitor experience by suggesting content.
  • Leverage Smart Content to trigger conversions at the right time and place.
  • Enrich THRON platform with user data imported from HubSpot in order to measure the best content to produce.
  • Boost customer retention by giving a truly omnichannel personalised content recommendation.  

Once the application has been installed via Marketplace, you will be able to activate the integration with your HubSpot account by including the information provided in the Management section of the application. The integration covers the following aspects:

  • Contact profile enrichment: HubSpot can integrate the interests of a specific contact according to those listed in the contact's detail of the Single Customer View of the Sales module.
  • List segmentation: HubSpot can exploit THRON specific target profile or interests to create lists.
  • Enrich the HubSpot timeline: THRON can add lines that show the recent topic of interest of the contact or the content detail for each page visited by the contact.
  • Content Intelligence enrichment: the contacts’ classification implemented thanks to the automation of HubSpot is important information to bring into THRON in order to enrich the contact’s profile. This directly impacts Content Strategy (i.e., Content Intelligence has more information to process for a better understanding of the contact’s behaviour) and the content recommendation (better contact profiling for even better content recommendation)
  • Real-time user profiling: whenever HubSpot must send communication to a contact, it can ask THRON for an updated status of the user's interests or their recent view history, to identify the best message to propose.  For example, when HubSpot is about to send a communication to a contact because it's been five days since his last visit to the site, before sending the communication, it asks THRON for a list of user interest topics and adjusts the content of the email accordingly.

For a proper configuration of the connector and to learn how to track contacts via HubSpot forms, please read this article.


Cookie policy

The following are the cookies used by this connector:

  • hs_clientId and hs_appId are temporary cookies used to access the management panel of the connector, they expire at the end of the user's session.
  • thcr is a cookie that is used to mark when the sync between the HubSpot identity and the THRON identity of a specific user has already been performed. It's duration is 1 year.

Application provided by: THRON S.p.A.


Website: www.thron.com