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JW Player Connector allows you to play your contents through a different player, while keeping stats and tracking.

In some projects you may sometimes have the need to use a highly customizable player, perfectly in line with the interface in which it is used. To meet this need THRON allows the integration with JW Player without sacrificing access controland analytics guaranteed by THRON. With JW Player Connector you can get the embed code necessary to make sure that your video contents are being played by JW Player.

Furthermore, you can also to integrate THRON Tracking Library, not only to record users interactions with your contents, but also to identify users accessing them. Thanks to this feature, combined with Content Intelligence, you will be able to understand the interests of your users and to adapt your communication in order to capture their attention.

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JW Player Connector allows you to use a different player while preserving access control and analytics.

JW Player is an external player implementing a proprietary plugins system: we have developed a special plugin that allows you to play THRON contents through JW Player; to use it simply paste the embed code provided by this connector.


JWplayer comes with different editions. Current version of this connector supports progressive download of video contents, regardless the type of edition.

Here is how to use the connector:

  1. In case your site uses HTTPS you can prevent warnings or errors by forcing the browser to access the connector via HTTPS.
  2. Identify the video content you want to play through JWPlayer and press the "Embed code" button. The code provided is ready to be pasted inside your projects.
  3. The embed code provided by the connector must be attached to your JWPlayer account, this is done by including - before the embed code - the JWPlayer library in the following form: 

For JW Player 6: <script src = "http://jwpsrv.com /library/YOUR_JW_PLAYER_ACCOUNT_TOKEN.js"></script>

For JW Player 7: <script src = "http://content.jwplatform.com/libraries/YOUR_JW_PLAYER_ACCOUNT_TOKEN.js"></script>

Once you have the basic embed code you can extend it to customize its look and feel or even include any other plugin in your possession.

Note: JWPlayer on IE9 requires flash player. HTML is not supported.

How to integrate tracking library:

First of all, make sure to include it in the page where your contents are distributed. To do that, paste this string in the <head> of your HTML:

<script src = "http://[clientId]-cdn.thron.com/shared/plugins/tracking/current/tracking-library-min.js"></script>

After including the library, the first thing to do is to create a new ContentTracker:

var tracker = _ta.initContentTracker("clientId", "xcontentId", "sessId", "contextId");

Once the tracker has been initiated you will be able to:

  • track the identity of users accessing your contents
  • track contents’ views
  • track the portion of contents being watched by users

Further instructions on how to integrate Tracking Library can be found in our Support Portal.

Application provided by: THRON S.p.A.


Website: www.thron.com




Current version: 1.2

v.1.1 - April 22, 2015

  • Improved content playback with multiple players in the same page

v.1.2 - April 23, 2015

  • Improved autostart functioning