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The Live Story connector allows publishers to select the multimedia files stored in the DAM directly from the CMS media library, relieving the website architecture from the management of multimedia file distribution and taking full advantage of all the features and potential of THRON's Elastic Media Delivery. Integration brings the following benefits:

  1. It minimizes integration costs with THRON: just configure the connector and the THRON contents will be immediately available in the CMS multimedia library.
  2. It allows you to remove the duplication of media files between THRON and the Livestory media library: THRON is the only source of media files.
  3. It improves page loading performance and peak management: the distribution of multimedia files is entirely managed by THRON Elastic Media Delivery and through the Universal Player.
  4. It automatically collects content intelligence data: tracks any interaction between users and media files and profiles audience interests

How it works:

  1. Inside the Collect section present in Livestory, there will be a special tab for THRON content retrieval. It allows users to navigate their asset hierarchy. When opened, THRON section loads content from the first application but the dropdown menu on the left corner of the toolbar can be used to select alternative sources. It is also possible to make a textual search and sort content by specific criteria.
  2. THRON assets imported through Collect are visible in the Curate section for management. They can be approved, pinned or even ignored. Products and tags can be added to them too.

Using the ​Source f​ilter on the left sidebar is possible to limit the displayed posts to the ones coming from THRON, in order to quickly recall them between the entire collection of story posts.

  1. Into the Design section, THRON assets become part of the creative layouts that Live Story can make.

Regarding whiteboards and layouts based on custom templates, medias are usually selected using the Content section in the left sidebar. With the integration enabled, the editor can select assets from the THRON button.

When clicked, the displayed section contains two items:

  • Open Library ​button: it opens the selector popup. Its interface is very similar to the THRON section available in Collect and described before, it is possible to select a batch of content or quickly add one of them directly to the whiteboard.
  • The ​selected content area​: selected assets are available here for quick insertion to the working layout.

Once the content to be included in the page has been selected, the editor can embed the content via THRON Universal Player, and possibly the template to be used. 

The editor can also choose the logic of resizing: 

  • Fixed embed 
  • Responsive embed 

The content thus inserted will be automatically enriched with all the information useful for their indexing by search engines; THRON's Elastic Media Delivery will dynamically adapt their quality according to the device in use and the available bandwidth, and all interactions between users and these contents will be automatically tracked. 


Videos can be added using the ​embeddable iframe component​. A content browser is accessible from the ​Embed Video ​popup: click on ​Browse u​nder ​Choose a video post.​

Inside the ​Post Browser​, click on ​THRON to access its navigator. Then, select the desired video content.

After selection, the editor can embed content through the THRON Universal Player via iframe. It is possible to add an accessible version of the video content using the same procedure.

Once the THRON application has been created, Live Story needs to be configured to use it: in Console, go to the Brand menu (upper right corner), Brand settings, Platform Integrations, THRON. Enter the following information in section Add application:

  • Name: the name of the application. It is used for application selection in Console section and it can be the root public folder name as well.
  • Client Id: the brand’s client ID for THRON
  • App Id: the given application ID as created in THRON
  • App Key: the generated application secret key during application creation
  • pKey: the generated pkey during application creation
  • Username: the enabled user for Live Story application

Please mind that the integration must be enabled by Live Story’s support team.

Application provided by: Live Story™


Website: www.livestory.nyc