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THRON can help you face the enormous challenge of Digital Transformation through personalised communication with customers, with detailed profiling of their interests and valuable analytics to develop an effective Content Strategy.

You can find Solution Analysts who can help you understand how to maximise the potential of your content with THRON.

You can request support when you most need it, and monitor their activities on different projects at any given moment.

And not only that: if your project needs a more thorough integration, we have also certified THRON developers available.


Business Benefits
Centralized services: you manage the services of our Solution Analysts directly from THRON, just like you do with your content. 
Maximize and leverage ROI: you can monitor the Solution Analyst's activities even on different projects, evaluating the results more easily.


THRON specialists at your disposal!

Are you developing the digital transformation of your company? Find your own THRON solution analyst, it will be a guide and inspiration to bring out the most of THRON technologies for your business.

With this app you can ask for their intervention when you need it and keep monitored and reported their activities on your projects.

Not only that, if your project designed by solution analyst needs deeper integration activities, you will also have certified THRON developers at your disposal.

Through the management panel of this application you will be able to constantly monitor the number of hours remaining according to the total number you purchased at the moment of the activation, both for your solution analyst and for software developers. Remember you can always add extra hours by purchasing them through the "Business Model" panel.

Within the management panel you will also find a detailed table which lists the activities performed by the solution analyst or the software developer, with a detail on the date on which these were carried out, their purpose and how much time was spent; you will also be able to see all changes in total hours (purchases).

Thanks to this application you will always be able to monitor the agreed activities and to plan the realization of your projects with ease and with the assistance of certified THRON specialists.

Application provided by: THRON S.p.A.


Website: https://www.thron.com




Current version: 1.0