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radioMOOD allows you to have an exclusive and completely personalised radio channel in the store, or any in exhibit or commercial space.

Your radio schedule is always updated with a daily, customizable music playlist, modified by time slots and days of the week.

You can easily and efficently add editorial and commercial content to the music. THRON offers the ability to broadcast the highest of quality radio content, thanks to Multimedia Proxy Application.

There are 12 channels tailored for in-store listening, 14 hours of music daily, perfectly mixed, 365 days a year. And with the freedom to change at any time, even between stores.

Only have a small budget? Cover your exclusive channels with Soundreef music (the alternative to SIAE/SCF), which guarantees a saving of 50% on the cost of purchasing the rights for public performance of music.


Business Benefits
Improve the customer experience: sensory marketing is the last frontier of in-store innovation: offer your customers an even more compelling experience.
Maximum quality, minimum effort: radioMOOD is the turnkey service which offers you the highest quality and maximum flexibility.


Here’s a few easy steps to make your radioMOOD play.

First Activation

  1. Choose the best in-store radio service and define the number of licenses, one for each store:
    • Radio Moods: this service includes a selection of 16 music channels, the personalization of your radio with your own audio logo, and the chance to buy advertising packages. In order to listen to your radio into the stores, you can choose between the app for Windows PC or a small dedicated PC that we can provide.
    • Radio Moods Commercials: this package includes the production of 5 commercials each month. To listen to the radio in your stores, you can opt for our PC Windows’ app or for a small dedicated PC that we can provide.
    • Radio Full Custom: with this alternative we offer you a tailored radio entirely created and produced by our experts exclusively for your brand.

Once you confirm your choice, you will automatically access to your dashboard to activate your licenses.



  1. Insert your stores : Fill in the registration form with the information required (name of the store, opening time). Repeat the procedure in order to check-in all your stores. Or as an option, send an e-mail to supporto@tailoradio.it  attaching an Excel file with the list of all your stores and the information required. We will take care of the whole procedure. You can even add other stores later on, into the “dashboard” area by clicking ”add store”.
  1. Choose the music selection that you like the most: On the menu, click under the heading “Choose your radio. You will access to the map of the stations for a preview and the selection of the music channel that fits better to you. We put all the channels together in four main groups to help you choosing the best music selection for your audience and your concept brand:
    • Face To Face: music stations that fits better for activities where the interaction with customers is the main asset, and the music shouldn’t be too invasive, but an enjoyable background (such as banks, pharmacies, optical stores, beauty, insurances, professional studios…);
    • Family Retail: music stations with brand new hits, created for activities that provide a pleasant location, familiar and entertaining (for example markets, home improvement, consumer electronics, fast fashion chain stores…);
    • Dynamic Store: music selections tailored on stores dedicated to an active and young audience, with a very energetic and rhythmic playlists (such as sport stores, young apparel, accessories, gyms…);
    • Fashion: music stations with a trendy music design perfect for hype stores with a strong personality (for example haute couture, showrooms, design stores, interior design, make up...).

Next to each channel you will find the preview icon and the selection icon . When you have made your choice, select the stores you want to add a soundtrack to: you can choose between “select all” or you can insert one store at a time by clicking the drop-down menu. Once you complete the data entry, click “Save”.

  1. Confirmation email and recap: Once you finish the procedure, you will get a confirmation email summarizing the succeeded operation. At the same time, the stores you have selected will receive an e-mail containing the license number and the instructions for the download and the installation of the radio:
    • If you choose the “software” option, each store will receive an email with the license number and the instructions for the download and installation of our Desktop App.
    • If you choose the “hardware” option, each store will receive an email that notify the activation of the radio: they will get in few days the dedicated PC that will allow the listening of the radio.


How to upkeep the radio over time

With the same login data of your THRON account, you will be able to login to the website dedicated to your radio’s management.

On the “dashboard” page  you will find the recap of your licenses and activations of every single store. By clicking the “tools” area of every single license, you can  contact our technical support, see the details of the license, change the music channel selected,  ask to forward the email to the store with the license activation instructions and  the software installation. Change music channels, store by store. Assignment of stand-by licenses not yet on-air.

Order Commercial: if you want to record a new commercial/advertisement for your radio you have to follow the task bar on top of the menu and click “order commercial”  filling out the form with the required data. 3 days later your brand new commercial will be on-air on your radio. If your subscription does not include any commercial or you run out of productions at your disposal, to benefit of this feature you will have to buy one of our prepaid packet.


Application developed by: Tailoradio S.r.l. 


Tailoradio, Retail Sounds Different!

Since more than 10 years we provide solutions for the realization of In Store communication projects for leading brands, 100% customized. In Store Radio, Digital Signage, Multi-sensoriality, audio-video system installation, Store Traffic Analytics and Proximity Marketing: we are your reference point for a new and involving shopping experience.

Tailoradio is a certified Music Provider (Lic. Siae 373/I/499. Lic. SCF Italia 150/05)


Website: http://www.tailoradio.it


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