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Submit your product catalogue to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the leading B2B and B2C e-commerce platform to provide customers with complete e-commerce experiences.

Use the THRON - Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector to consolidate, enrich and manage all your product information in THRON and easily export it to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Once the connector is installed and configured, it will feed the e-commerce catalogue with all the finalized products through an automatic procedure. In addition, all the images that characterize the online shopping experience will be delivered directly from THRON, enjoying the advantages and performance offered by centralized distribution.


  • THRON acts as a 'single source of truth' for all assets (representative and non-representative) and all product information (descriptions, features, codes, attributes) - you no longer need to upload any information to SCC.
  • Product images uploaded within the DAM are directly published within the e-Commerce pages via the THRON Elastic Media Delivery. This means that once they have been updated in the DAM, they will also be automatically updated within e-commerce.
  • A single chain of information, coordinated and always up to date: from the ERP, to the PIM, up to the e-commerce.

With THRON – Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector you can import your product catalogue directly from your PIM, automatically and at the best performance of distribution. 

With this integration you will be able to: 

  • Import the product catalogs you have created in your THRON PIM from (s)ftp server provided by THRON; 
  • Publish product assets on your storefront directly from THRON, without duplications of content or information; 
  • Enrich your product sheets with any kind of digital assets thanks to THRON Universal Player, even those not supported by Salesforce Commerce Cloud (images, videos, audio files, playlists, panorama videos and 360° product images)THRON media content will be embedded to main image area on Product Detail Page and Quick View; 
  • Embed THRON Tracking Library on PDP pages and in Quick View. 


To set up your connector correctly, you need to follow two steps: 

1. Set up the connector in THRON.
Log in to your platform and go to Main menu> Extensions and Connectors and click on the SFCC connector. Once you have activated you SFCC connector, wait for the set-up confirmation. Check the configuration status under “Activation Status”: once activated, you will find a green flag and the voice “Complete”. 

Now, you need to configure the following parameters. 

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Master Catalogue 
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Storefront 
  • Products online availability: configure if exported products will be available online. 
  • Product search: configure if product search will be able to find exported products on Salesforce. 
  • Sitemap inclusion: configure if exported products will be included in Salesforce Sitemap. 
  • Delivery configuration: choose if using THRON Universal Player to display product assets and select your player template. 

Click on the Save icon to save you configuration. 


2. Set up the connector inSaleseforce. 
Click here to go to THRON cartridge on Salesforce marketplace. Click on DOWNLOAD INTEGRATION to download THRON plug-in and the documentation to configure your connector. 

THRON – SFCC cartridge is designed and developed for sfra version 5.0.1, Salesforce platform version 20.7 (Compatibility Mode 19.10).  

Application provided by: THRON S.p.A.


Website: www.thron.com