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THRON's Social Connector enables you to easily and efficiently manage content you share on social networks.

With one single tool you can optimize all the multimedia content communication shared across social networks.

Content is posted to social sites via a share page. This page is fully customizable with logos, colors, themes, and allows you to get even closer to your followers, ensuring Brand Identity.

Once you have connected your social accounts, you are able to share content by just dragging and dropping them into the respective social folder previously created. You can assign an individual folder to each social network or you can combine different social networks into one folder. It’s fast and convenient.

THRON’s Content Intelligence will help you analyze and understand what topics are most interesting on your social media channels making it easy for you to organize a dynamic content strategy.

The Social Connector supports LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, with more networks coming soon.


Business Benefits

Protect your brand: with Social Connector you always have control over your content, even after you share it on social networks. At any time, you can edit, update or remove content.
Increase conversion: use activity on social networks to obtain valuable information of the interests of users in order to provide them with relevant content, achieve a better user experience and increase engagement.
Improve operational efficiency: you can share and find your content directly from THRON, with a simple ‘drag&drop’ to a folder. Whether to publish or remove content, it is simple, convenient and straightforward.

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The configuration of the Social Connector works in a few simple steps.

After you install the connector, the first thing to do is connect the first social network: enter the Dashboard and click Create Social Connection.

Once you have chosen the account name, and which social network to connect, you must login. Then click on Connect account.

A new window will open to log onto your chosen social site: to continue you must accept the conditions proposed by the social site, which vary slightly from one social site to another (each explains what data is required and how to interface with the Social Connector).

Once you have attached the connector to the social network, you can manage the settings via Account relative to the share. In the case where you have a single account that manages multiple pages (for example, Facebook and LinkedIn), you must choose which page you want to link to the Social Connector.

Also from Account you can choose which folder of THRON provides the content that will post on the respective social site (you can add additional folders).

You can personalize the share page template that demonstrates the content posted on your social networks. The visual of the page can be completely customized (logo, colors and graphics of the brand.) The editor feature of the share page is easy to use and shows changes in real time.

Application development by: Belka S.r.l.


We are a design and software development team specialized in custom solutions.

We are passionate about creating iOS, Android and Web apps.

We have proudly helped to innovate and implement new technologies enterprises, startups and some crazy visionary.

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Current version: 1.0