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With THRON Custom Application Manager you can easily create and connect your system and custom application to the THRON Omnichannel DAM module, in a secure way, ensuring your brand consistency.

With a self-service experience you can generate and manage numerous specific applications and connect them with federative control of the THRON platform.

Each application can invoke THRON APIs according to its permissions; if needed, it can simply exploit username and password of a specific user to access specific webservices.

This application, once installed on a specific folder, can be used to read, create or edit content, according to the access rights which have been granted by its owner. It can be also used to monitor the status of content updates in such folder.

This type of applications allow you to connect any existing CMS, to create mobile applications, to import User Generated Content into the THRON Omnichannel DAM, or to manage your Intranet.

Finally it can be used for content intelligence, by leveraging tag management for content and users.

IMPORTANT: The permission to create and manage users is required in order to activate this application.

Once the application has been installed on a selected folder, the owner will access the management console. From this panel he can manage and edit the application's permissions related to:

Content management

He will be able to determine if the application has permission to create new content. If yes, he will have to specify which user will be assigned as owner of the content, since an application cannot be the content's owner. Available choices are:

  1. The application's owner himself
  2. A specific THRON user (already existing)
  3. A new THRON user (this option will be available only if the owner has the permission to create new users)

He will also be able to determine if the application will be able to monitor the status of content updates (via JSync request).

Folder management

He will be able to determine the access rights of the folder and its content for the THRON Custom Application Manager Application.

Content Intelligence

He will be able to determine, for each available classification, the specific permissions for the application. Available choices are:

  1. Can create new tags
  2. Can tag users and content
  3. Can view tags

Such configurations can only be managed by the application's owner.

Then there is an additional section, which will be accessible to all the application's managers, which is the list of the access keys that have been enabled for the application. Such keys must be provided each time the application performs a request towards THRON APIs.

Application provided by: THRON S.p.A.


Website: www.thron.com




Current version: 1.0