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THRON Live Events is the solution that allows you to fully manage the organization and transmission of a live web event.

Become a true director and make the most of the potential of live events to get in touch with the public, dealers, consumers, or simply viewers: communicating in an innovative way without mediation has never been so easy!

Live events represent a leverage of both Marketing and communication (both internal and external), not only strategic but also operational, and THRON Live Events allows you to design and develop events of every size. From the launch of a new product, with thousands of users connected worldwide, up to a restricted press conference. THRON Live Events allows you to create events to communicate with the public, with the sales network, with current and potential customers, journalists or opinion leaders.

Thanks to THRON Live Events you can easily coordinate and manage all the creative and technical activities and the logistic aspects of your live web event on your own, as well as a normal event that takes place at a physical location. With its simple 5-steps interface, you'll be able to coordinate all the phases that typically characterize an event: its preparation; the access of the audience (users who connects to the network); the technical organization of the speakers' speeches; the beginning of the event; the debate and the end of the event.

An event (physical or virtual) is efficient for its viewers when there are no improvisations or interruptions due to technical problems that create embarrassments among the audience (for example when news reporters are speaking live, but the audio signal is not broadcast, etc.)

During an online event there are the same risks. This is why THRON Live Events allows you to prepare every speech by making a prior check with the speakers and guides you step by step in creating and managing live events thanks to the division of the event in the following steps:

  1. The "preparation" stage is the stage at which the event is enabled (i.e. you allow users to connect) and, behind the scenes, the speakers gets ready;
  2. The "show" stage is the heart of the event. In this phase, the speakers give their talks and the audience can interact by sending questions;
  3. The following "debate" phase is typically a session of questions and answers (Q&A) or of new speeches, as a corollary to the main show;
  4. The end of the event corresponds to the "final curtain", that is to say the conclusion of the speeches and the interaction with the audience and then the following disconnection of the users from the online event.

Roles and Types of Users:

THRON Live Events envisages different types of users, to which different roles and custom features are assigned.


The director is the one who accesses the software interface and coordinates all stages of the live event: he makes the event start, manages the sequence of actions, checks the technical parameters (audio / video signals), guides the speakers during the event and, finally, closes it.


The moderator supports the director in moderating the message boards, creating polls and writing messages via the "ghost" user.


The speaker is the one who, just at the director’s invitation, can take part in the event with his own speech.


The spectator or viewer is the one who participates in the event by connecting to the dedicated web site, via PC or mobile device, to listen to the speakers. He can comment and ask questions through the special message board, and may also ask the director to speak, thus changing his role and becoming a speaker.


Access to THRON Live Events

THRON Live Events allows the access to two different web pages, depending on which kind of user you are: the back-end event interface and the event page.

Access to the back-end interface is reserved to the director. In this area it is possible to organize the live event and manage all its technical aspects, regarding the different speakers and the audience.

Each event allows exclusive access to the interface for a single director.

The front-end page, instead, is the area, which hosts the player, that will broadcast the live event, and the message board, where viewers can send comments and questions to the speaker.
The audience who is connecting to attend and / or participate in the event uses this page, but also the speakers who can also enter a specific private area to interact with the director of the event.

Access to both pages is allowed through a web browser, through the dedicated link provided by THRON platform that sends an email invitation 2 hours before the beginning of the event.

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THRON Live Events is optimized for display with minimum resolution screens of 1024x768.

You need to have the version 11.0 or later of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed on your device (PC, mobile, tablet) in order to speak during an event.

THRON Live Events does not require installation of additional peripherals for the correct transmission of audio / video streams by the speakers and is able to automatically recognize the devices used by the user's operating system (webcam, microphone, headphones), as long as they are working and properly installed.

THRON Live Events supports the latest versions of the following browsers: Chrome (Windows, MacOSX), Firefox (Windows, MacOSX), Safari (MacOSX)

Application provided by: THRON S.p.A.


Website: www.thron.com