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videoMOOD™ Digital Signage, Made Easy: discover the easiest solution for the management of In Store videos!

Updating your contents has never been so easy and intuitive. All contents loaded on the THRON platform are immediately available on videoMOOD™: with a simple drag and drop and the automatic generation of schedules you can create your customized rotation in just a few seconds.

Total control: user-friendly dashboard, monitor geolocalization and status overview of the players.

Scalability: videoMOOD™ is natively oriented to integration. Synchronize your videos with your In Store Radio, integrate Store Traffic Analytics and multisensory solutions.

A few easy steps allow you to activate the service and start managing your In Store videos.

Choose the kind of videoMOOD™ service (videoMOOD, videoMOOD Commercials, radio&videoMOOD) and define the number of licences.

If you chose the assisted installation, please book an appointment with our professional engineers.

If you chose to receive directly in your store the hardware system, you just have to connect it and scan the QR code on the display: the guided procedure for the activation of the licence allows an easy installation, without fail.


To update your contents, you can get to videoMOOD™ directly from THRON platform homepage, clicking on the dedicated icon, top-left in the upper bar:

Application developed by: Tailoradio S.r.l. 


Tailoradio, Retail Sounds Different!

Since more than 10 years we provide solutions for the realization of In Store communication projects for leading brands, 100% customized. In Store Radio, Digital Signage, Multi-sensoriality, audio-video system installation, Store Traffic Analytics and Proximity Marketing: we are your reference point for a new and involving shopping experience.

Tailoradio is a certified Music Provider (Lic. Siae 373/I/499. Lic. SCF Italia 150/05)


Website: http://www.tailoradio.it


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