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The WordPress Connector allows you to synchronize all your content in the WordPress CMS and the THRON platform.

The integration is completely seamless for the web editor who is able to continue working as the delivery and tracking of content occurs via THRON.  

The process has been designed to have zero impact on the operational management of website content, and at the same time offers significant benefits in terms of:

  • User experience
  • Centralization and reuse digital assets
  • Omnichannel distribution
  • Profiling user interests 


Business Benefits

Increase conversion: the WordPress Connector allows you to import content efficiently into THRON and quickly tag & classify large amounts of content. Thanks to THRON’s Content Intelligence you can ensure relevant content for each of your users.

Omnichannel communication: synchronize the content of the website (managed in WordPress) on a platform that makes content automatically available on any channel.

Zero-impact on content production: leverage THRON’s intelligence to maximize your content value, without disrupting editor’s productivity.

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To activate the connector, just download it from THRON’s Marketplace and install it on WordPress.

The activity of the connector is divided into three stages:

  1. Content Synchronization - all content that is created and published on WordPress, becomes available on THRON 
  2. Contribution - while web editors continue to work in WordPress, content is automatically managed by THRON 
  3. Distribution - the platform optimises omnichannel delivery and enables content intelligence


All content assets (text, photos, video, audio, etc.) that are in WordPress are uploaded to THRON. The connector associates the Wordpress content (from the metadata) which “confirms” the link between the two platforms.

At the contribution stage, the connector verifies, in real-time, if the content already exists in THRON, if not, by associating the metadata in WordPress, it creates a new asset.  This guarantees normal content distribution even in the event a problem exists between the server and the platform (in this case, the content will be delivered directly from WordPress).

The content owner in THRON will always correspond to the WordPress Connector's owner, and this setting can not be changed.

The update phase is structured to ensure that only the elements of the content that need to be updated (title, tags, description, thumbnail) is actualized in THRON. This way interactions are minimal, limiting impact on operations and reducing wait times.
THRON applies its content intelligence to all new content. Semantic analysis allows for dynamic content classification, a continuous updating of the tags that “describe" content.
During distribution, the connector checks that the content is available and orders the delivery of the most current version. If the latest version is not available, due to a problem in the connection between the site server and the platform, the user's request is fulfilled through content in WordPress.
Thanks to a previous process of transcoding, content provided by THRON is always optimized for the user who is viewing the content based on device used and on the available bandwidth. Therefore, site editors will no longer have to worry about the "size" of image, but can uploaded images at full resolution, and then THRON distributes at the optimal format.

Further instructions on the plugin that have to be installed in your WordPress Dashboard can be found in the following article: https://support.thron.com/hc/articles/208236729 

Application provided by: XtraGroove S.r.l.


XtraGroove S.r.l. is a Business Digital Agency specialized in digital strategies and cross-media marketing activities.
For over 15 years it has developed a new approach to digital media, strongly result-oriented, serving both large organizations and small/medium enterprises with advice and business tools built to achieve targeted goals.
Craftsman of content and quality of SAS solutions, the strategic team, technical and creative, is a real bridge between the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the digital experience of the target audience, "to know the know-how" or communicate in a cross and effective way the history and know-how of every kind of reality. 


Website: www.xtragroove.com



 Current version: 1.0