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Zendesk Connector allows you to have available in THRON a full backup of the articles which have been posted into your Help Center, mirroring the same structure of categories and sections with a folder-tree structure. For each article, a new page content will be created, and is automatically tagged by the semantic engine. Every time a user accesses your Help Center to read one of your articles, that visit will be tracked into THRON, and its artificial intelligence will process valuable information.

Any edit made on your articles within your Help Center will be automatically synced to the corresponding content in THRON.

Thanks to Zendesk Connector you will be able to: 

  • Preserve the operation of your editors, which will continue working on Zendesk for their articles production.
  • Have a full backup of your intellectual property, which can be then distributed across any other channel, centralizing control.
  • Enable tracking of article visualizations in THRON, in order to trigger recommendation mechanism offered by Content Intelligence.
  • Enable THRON's artificial intelligence of your articles, with automatic tagging made possible by THRON’s semantic engine and the users-behavior analysis made possible by THRON’s behavior engine.
  • Leverage THRON Customer Experience module to suggest articles inline with the interests of your end-users.

Finally, if Zopim Chat integration is enabled on your Zendesk account, you will be able to feed your support operators with all the relevant information of the contacts they are talking to (no matter if they are profiled or anonymous) thanks to the Single Customer View provided by THRON Sales Insights module.

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Zendesk Connector allows you to import Help Center articles into THRON, automatically granting data collection.

Once the application has been installed via Marketplace, you will be able to activate the integration of the CMS including the information provided in the Management section of the application. After this procedure, the user will find Help Center articles directly on THRON Dashboard, ready to be analyzed by the Content Intelligence engines. The Zendesk Connector must be installed on a specific THRON folder which will contain a series of subfolders corresponding to the categories of your Help Center.

Sync process will run twice a day, so any change made on your articles will be transmitted to the corresponding pages in THRON.

Application provided by: THRON S.p.A.


Website: www.thron.com