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Download Connector is a powerful tool designed to provide simple URLs that will allow you to download a content stored in THRON without authentication or other filters.

You can use this connector when you need to provide a link to download public contents in a software which doesn't allow to use APIs, such as email clients, design suites (Adobe Illustrator).

You can also refer to this connector whenever you need to provide a public link to download a content in your Website / CMS (WordPress, Joomla, ...); a common use case is the ability to provide, on your website, links to download product brochure or video.

Use this connector instead of API to avoid refreshing API session token, if you update content version from THRON console, download link will remain the same but new version will be provided to users.


After installing Download Connector in a folder, all contents therein published will provide a public access (with no authentication), through a simple URL.

Use Download Connector for public contents only, you are strongly advised against the use of the connector for those contents which access and distribution should be under control. To manage downloading of these contents please refer to THRON APIs. 

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Download Connector allows users to configure URLs' structure and lets you identify each content by using specific parameters. Those URLs will allow you to download THRON contents without authentication. This means that all contents published in the folder where the Download Connector is installed will be accessible without protection through a simple address. We strongly recommend you to avoid the use of the Download Connector for those contents which access and diffusion should stay limited and under control. Since original files are not managed by THRON CDN but only stored internally, access to this static resource is not accelerated not even in presence of Virtual Accelerator.

Here is how to use the connector:

  1. Select the content type you want to enable the connector for: you can choose among Video, Images, Audio, Documents, or all of the above. The connector will automatically filter the contents in the folder based on the type chosen.
  2. Define the URLs' structure by choosing the type of parameter to be used among: content ID, prettyID or custom metadata.
    • Content ID of your contents is available in their "Advanced" section.
    • PrettyID is a textual identifier, which is available in the "Information" of each content, customized for each language, and it is normally used for the construction of meaningful URLs and to increase the accuracy of search engines in indexing the content itself.
    • If you choose custom metadata you will be asked to pick the one you intend to use among the ones available for your contents; in this case there is not a uniqueness check, and in case of ambiguity the Download Connector will return the first content available in a non-deterministic way. The uniqueness check is delegated to users.
  3. Choose whether to force encrypted HTTPS protocol. If you don't, content accessibility will be improved but communication security will be reduced.
  4. Once the connector is set up all URLs will have the same structure and it will be easy to figure what is the address of a new content. You can refer to the illustrative address that highlights the variable components depending on the content and the language.
  5. A practical summary table will also be available; it will allow you to get the proper content URLs faster and without errors.


Application provided by: THRON S.p.A.


Website: www.thron.com




Current version: 1.0